LLF Retreat, Day 5: The Loss of My Reading Virginity
LLF Retreat, Day 5: The Loss of My Reading Virginity

LLF Retreat, Day 5: The Loss of My Reading Virginity

On Day 5 of the writing retreat, I FINALLY GOT MY COMPUTER BACK! As it turns out, the problem was simply that the trackpad had failed, which made it impossible to wake the computer from sleep mode. *headdesk* I’m so happy to no longer be reading from a dodgy monitor that looks like something from an elementary school circa 1995. I hitched a ride with Tony, the director of the Lambda Literary Foundation, to get the computer. It was fun seeing a little of LA again and to get off campus for the afternoon, and I really enjoyed talking to Tony. I’m going to have to write another entire post when I get home about LA, and how so many things about it weren’t at all what I was expecting.

When we returned from lunch, the big decision loomed: what to read? The reading had to be between 3-4 minutes, which is approximately 2-3 pages. I decided to keep it extra short, because I like to feel like I have time to read and not have to rush through anything. I settled on the big kiss scene from my novel, since it didn’t require any major changes to be ready for the reading.

I also had my one-on-one with Malinda in the afternoon. She gave each YA/Genre Fellow the opportunity to ask her anything, whether related to our writing or to publishing. I talked to her about a few plot issues in my book, writing characters of color, and querying. Talking to her was such a pleasure; she always offers her thoughts with honesty and frankness, and I really appreciate that about her. She told me repeatedly that my book was nearly ready to query if I just work through some of the revision ideas that came up in my critique. Eep.

Readings began at 7pm with the help of some adult beverages. I’m not sure I have words yet for how much the readings blew me away. Every writer brought something different to the podium and kept me engaged with their words. Each reading provided a glimpse inside that writer, and the relationship between the readers and audience demonstrated the miracle of the simultaneous difference and sameness among us all.

The videos will eventually be posted online, and I highly recommend giving them a watch.

Also, I found out tonight that there will be an open mic at the farewell party on Friday. More unicorn antics are undoubtedly forthcoming…

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